10 Wedding Prep Questions for Photographers

Today I went to visit a client to prepare for their wedding day. If possible, try and visit the wedding venue with the couple beforehand and understand the layout. It will allow you to plan where to be at certain times, and any lighting issues that might arise. For this list I've assumed you've already got a contract in place with the rough details confirmed, and now you're looking for the devil in the detail. So if you're a wedding photographer looking for a starting point, here is my list of things you may want to ask the couple/organisers: How did the two of you meet? Who proposed? I find this a good ice breaker, especially if you've only corresponded by email prior to the meeting. Tell me about the wedding! Themes/colours/d├ęcor? This will allow you to think of colour matching and gives an idea of the tone the couple are after. I fact, I'd advise showing them some post-processing styles of one of your photographs to determine if they prefer the scene to be re

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