Three Shires Head

Easter is upon us once again and what better way to spend Good Friday than to get out for a decent walk so I at least ensure that the gluttonous evening meal is somewhat offset! My mate Jim and I made our way up to Three Shires Head which is the point on Axe Edge Moor where Cheshire, Derbyshire and Staffordshire meet (GPS coords: 53.213°N 1.987°W). 11.8km walk starting out at Gradbach car park The main landmark at the head is a packhorse bridge. This is right at the tip of the map above before we headed back to Gradbach. The bridge is Grade II-listed, and was probably constructed in the late 18th century.  I don't actually have a photograph of this due the large amount of bystanders spoiling the view!  Of course they've every much right as us to be there; I'll just have to come back early in the morning when it's not quite so busy. Nonetheless I managed to get a nice one of a smaller bridge off to the side of the main bridge. Since there was some nice white water at the

I'm not a jazzer

As the title says, I'm not a jazzer... but that doesn't mean I shouldn't have a go.

For those of you who didn't know, I am a non-professional cornet and trumpet player. I mostly play with brass bands (namely Foden's band if we're allowed to rehearse ever again!), and thought it would be nice to branch out a little into Jazz playing. This is a style I love listening to and also play in at band occasionally, but it's not my forte. 

A good friend of mine bought me a Greg Fishman trumpet book (see here) for Christmas. So of course I had a go at a few of them over the Christmas break. Constructive feedback appreciated.