Lockdown photography and a vlog

Happy new year everybody! May your 2021 be much more fulfilling and less turbulent than your 2020. With the new year came a new camera for me (a few weeks before to be precise). More specifically this is a Nikon Z7ii for those of a technological bent; hot off the mirrorless press. And I'm loving it!  Naturally I've been out and about over the Christmas holidays doing my best to capture some nice photos. This has been easier said than done during the pandemic, and especially now we've been fully locked down again :( Photography is something I've been doing for many years now, but this time I've tried my hand at producing a little video cataloguing my exploits over the last few weeks. This is the first time I've filmed and put together something like this, and truth be told I'm a little nervous to put it out in the World. I don't think I have the best on-camera persona, but perhaps this will get better over time if I do it more. SO... I'd really apprec

Mulberry Jam

I recently had the pleasure of sampling this quite fairly-hard-to-come-by jam, and I have to report that unfortunately it’s god damn delicious. And not made from handbags.

Looking rather like a blackberry or raspberry, the mulberry was a Jacobean fashion when it came to the UK and trees can still be found in the gardens of some stately homes, including Chastleton House in Oxfordshire and Charlecote Park, Warwickshire, where there is a receipt dated 1713 for the purchase and planting of a tree that is still flourishing.

The trees tend to grow fairly large and the fruit does not weather well after being harvested (they are quite soft and liable to explode when touched). This might have something to do with the commercial scarcity of the fruit and by extension the rarity of the jam shown opposite by Wilkin’s. Nowadays the best way to get your tongue around this genuine rarity would probably to grow yourself a tree and make the stuff yourself.

If you do get chance to sample it, or spot it at a supermarket/farm shop then snap it up quick. They don’t come around often. Enjoy with heart attack inducing pastry of choice. Very tasty.