Middle Aged Gardening

I never thought I'd become this guy. But something about making the back garden thrive with greenery and life just makes me smile. It has taken some time to get the garden to a state where I feel it's ok to show somebody, mainly due to it being a new build house. We basically got a square of grass and a few basic slabs leading to the back gate. Much time, a patio, shed and a few raised beds later I've finally been ready to plant something! Whilst I'd love to go off-grid like Tom and Barbara Good, to not end up with a garden that looks like an allotment, I think we have to temper the amount of edible produce. However, a starter-for-ten were the eighteen strawberry plants I stuck in in March. It has been a success! They are delicious. I'm fairly sure they're only about 20% better than can be bought from the supermarket. But they're all shapes and sizes, I took care of them, and they're just better. Like having chips out of the paper. It wasn't even a g

Be More Dog

Man's best friend... or genetically modified killer with Stockholm syndrome? Either way my Mum's new cocker spaniel is delightful and loves bounding around. But as my Mum says, "he ain't half a handful at times!"

It can't be a bad life living on chardonnay carrots and branded jelly beans. I can't help wonder if the canine race are actually the most intelligent beings in the universe (much like mice in Hitchhikers Guide). There's a remote possibility that they have been around for billions of years, touring the galaxies in search of the perfect slaves to feed them, walk them and spoil them rotten. 
Right guys, everyone just keep your mouths shut and we can engineer the best quality of life imaginable!
The ruse even goes as far as self sacrifice to human abuse for the canine greater good!! Or maybe I'm crazy.

I wonder what he named me.