Nikon Z7ii - My First 3000 Shots

It has taken me a lot longer than anticipated but I've finally found the time to put together the  3000 shots with the Z7ii video . Thanks once again for the comments people left last time, it has been great to hear from you 🙂 So as the title says, I've now been through about 3000 shots with this new camera. This video isn't a review of the camera (there are plenty about) but I've been through some quick points at the start before I get into what I've been up to recently. I'm not really a fan of all the gear videos on YouTube and that's not what I want to produce, so you can skip over all that **if you're not bothered about the camera stuff. Usually I'd like to plan a trip or two away with a new camera body, but for the last 3-4 months I've not been able to go anywhere so you'll just have to deal. I'm not going to go over photos I've shown before, but if you're interested there's a couple of  other videos  available to watch


Hello everyone. As I begin typing I am very concious that I'm about to add to the already overflowing sewerage system that is Internet blogging. But despite my natural urge to close myself off from the outside world and cocoon myself in my bedroom, it's always nice to share a story! So with that in mind, from time to time I might share my opinion on a groin-grabbingly interesting topic, and I might tell a story or two from my ever increasing collection of ludicrous experiences (mainly due to ludicrous friends).

The first story I'd like to share is a of a recent cycling trip I did with a two friends of mine, James and Sam. On the 14th of September last year we headed over to Ireland on the ferry and made our way to Mizen Head, south of Cork. We then battled though 7 days of headwinds, horrendous weather, mad Irish murderers and grouchy B&B owners, up to Malin Head the most northern part of Ireland. I might expand on this at medium length in a future post! If you're looking for a TL;DR though: a great time was had by all (apart from that little bit where I thought we were going to be murdered), but perhaps we'll go to cycling in France in the summer next time eh?

Malin Head: Time for a victory protein bar.